We offer you (&19 others) this unique opportunity to have a profound, fun experience AND eat so so many tacos!



Cost: 3 Payments of $500

for a grand total of $1500 dollars (non-refundable)

  • 1st Payment of $500 + add-ons": due at time of Registration

  • 2nd payment of $500: due 60 days before 6/24

  • 3rd and final payment of $500: due 30 days before 6/24

Information about the add-ons can be found below the Registration Form and on the Pricing page

Please fill out the form and an invoice will be emailed to you, which can be paid with paypal or credit card. thanks!



  • $500/person for Co-parents/spouses/partners (does not include workshop)

  • $250/Kid for food and lodging under age 10

  • $150/Kid for photography education program, aged 10+* **

  • $100/Day if you’d like to stay an extra night at Tashirat after the workshop ends.

*For kids aged 10+ the expectation is that they would register for the photography class AND lodging/food cost would be $400 total, if younger than 10 and you’re planning to have them attend for funsies/cultural experience the cost would be $250.

**It is expected that if children are attending that there will be an extra adult registered (besides the photographer- ya know, anyone that can keep an eye on those free spirits) in order to care for the kid(s) outside of program hours.