Our Story

AKA: How’d we get here?

Maureen Cassidy is the Profundo Workshop’s founder. She been a professional photographer for over a decade and has been searching for a way to create and give back with what she loves most about the world: meaningful experience, photography, adventure, opportunities for growth, acts of kindness & travel.  From this desire, the Profundo Workshop was born.

The goal is for the Profundo Workshop to become an annual workshop in which photographers travel to a new international non-profit, receive in depth education, provide photos for the non-profit, donate as much of the revenue to the non-profit as possible, AND build even stronger community with like-minded photographers. It’s a lofty goal, but an important one.

Upon hearing the goals of the workshop, many good-hearted photographers (and seriously gifted, RENOWNED educators) have stepped forward as teachers and advisors. Their gifts and talents will guarantee that this workshop will give maximum educational power to Profundo’s attendees. These photographers include Kirsten Lewis, Citalli Rico, Daniel Aguilar, Buffy Goodman, Kara Counard, and Danny Klimetz.

For the inaugural Profundo Workshop we chose Tashirat Orphanage because we know that it’s a solid organization, doing very important work, and that it’s not TOO far away from the USA. Maureen has been friends with one of the Tashirat volunteers, Marisa, for going on 30 years. Maureen has been to Tashirat to volunteer several times. Extra bonus: the organization runs a retreat center so they are used to hosting groups. We are so excited about future projects. If you know of a non for profit organization that would be a good fit, please send us a message.