Kara Counard will be bringing the Honoring Elders Project to Mexico, to teach our kids! The Honoring Elders Project was founded in 2012. It is a photography based project for school aged children. Students learn basic photography concepts using a DSLR camera. They focus on found light and the qualities of light, composition, and storytelling, while playing games and moving through exercises to practice. Students learn interviewing skills which they use in small groups to interview and photograph an elder in the community. The kids then make a book or journal to give back to the elder. The kids learn about history (straight from the sources who lived it), learn about the community they are in, and gain new skills in photography and interviewing. 

The Honoring Elders Project is based out of Door County, WI and has also travelled to Mississippi. Kara looks forward to bringing this project to The Profundo Workshop, to teach to more young people that love adventure. Students will be interviewing volunteers at Tashirat and other elders on site. Youth workshop participants will be joined by kids who live at the facility, when their schedule allows.

This project will be broken into five parts, over three days: on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the Profundo Workshop. On the last night, participants will be given the opportunity to present what they have worked on to the entire group.

Goals for young people attending kid’s photography workshop:

  1. Learn new skills in photography and build confidence in their artistic ability

  2. Learn interview skills

  3. Create meaningful connection with elders and recognize the importance of hearing stories

  4. Make new friends, with Tashirat kids and other kids attending the workshop

  5. Build stronger empathy in our young ones!

  6. Be a part of something bigger than themselves

The thing that changed me in the Honoring Elders Project is that I met someone very kind. My elder made me a kinder person. I was more helpful and I was encouraged to do what I wanted to do because of my elder. This is what changed me in Honoring Elders.
— Serena - 4th grader

Participating in the Honoring Elders Project has changed how I look at Norman and all other elderly people. The Honoring Elders Project changed how I feel about older people and how I talk to them. The Honoring Elders project made the questions that I ask people to be more descriptive. Honoring Elders has given me a true friend, and that is how the Honoring Elders Project has changed me. I will remember this forever. I wish we could do this every year because it was so awesome. I loved the Honoring Elders Project so much. Thank you for letting me be a part of it.
— Sylvia - 4th grader