We know this workshop will be fabulous for EVERYONE involved.

But of course, we understand that you have some Qs.

And boy oh boy do we have some As.

What are the goals of this workshop?

Goals for photographer attendees:

  1. Provide Tashirat with incredible photos they need to raise funds for their programs, share with sponsors, and keep for the kids. Photos are priceless, right?!

  2. Grow as a person and photographer

  3. Build community

  4. Come away with a sense that you contributed to the well-being of an international non-profit AND grew into a better photographer. Win-win!

Goals for young people attending kid’s photography workshop:

  1. Learn new skills in photography and build confidence in their artistic ability

  2. Learn interview skills

  3. Create meaningful connection with elders

  4. Make new friends, with Tashirat kids and other kids attending the workshop

  5. Build stronger empathy in our young ones!

  6. Be a part of something bigger than themselves

The Elements Of Good Narrative -Kirsten Lewis

Construction of an image: how to create and plan for an image based on composition and anticipation -Citlalli Rico

Daniel Aguilar has so much to teach that he is still deciding what class. :)

What are the Master Class topics?

What does the cost cover?

Workshop includes:

  • Bus to & from MEX airport to Tashirat

  • lodging for 4 nights

  • all meals

  • classes

  • break-out sessions

  • fun surprises (you’ll see- they’ll be good- Maureen knows how to pump people up)

  • one excursion to a local market and to hike to El Tepozteco, an ancient pyramid recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

  • For an additional fee, kids aged 10+ can be part of the workshop photography classes/mentoring with Kara Counard.

We only have 20 spots available for photographers- register ASAP to secure your spot!

How many participants will there be?

Yes, bring all your photo equipment- you’ll need it for all the awesome photos we will be taking! You will also need your laptop for photo editing.

Do I bring my own photo gear?

Where are we going again?…

And how do I get there?

Tashirat, a non-profit home for kids with disabilities who have been adopted from orphanages in Central Mexico, 2 hours south of Mexico City.

We got you covered! We want this to be easy for everyone involved. We have a bus leaving for Tashirat from Mexico City’s airport (MEX) at 3pm on Monday. So as long as you’re there by 3 we’ll get you where you need to be!

Why Tashirat?

Because it’s so inspiring!

It is a beautiful facility attached to an incredible non-profit doing very powerful work.

Tashirat was originally founded as an ashram 20 years ago. In 2003, the volunteers there began an orphanage as a home for children who had very little chance of being adopted, due to disability of one form or another. Most of Tashirat’s adult volunteers have lived on site for years, acting as parents for the kids that live there. They don’t make any money and do this work as their spiritual practice. The kids live in family units and attend a Montessori school on site. It is still referred to as an “orphanage” but in truth all the kids have been permanently adopted into Tashirat and live in loving family homes.

Profundo’s main organizer and founder, Maureen Cassidy, has been friends with Marisa (one of the volunteer residents at Tashirat) for going on 30 years. Maureen has been to Tashirat to volunteer several times and always wanted to find a stronger way to contribute to the center’s well-being. Bringing a group of kickass photographers there to capture the love that these amazing people have for one another seemed like a good start :).

Who is organizing all this?

There’s a few staff working to make this the best workshop in the whole wide world. Maureen Cassidy is the brain-child behind this project (though she doesn’t like to admit that). Helping implement the program are Tashirat’s staff, as well as Kara Counard, Danny Klimetz, Neil Thompson, and Katarina Kobor. And of course all the teachers- and attendees- are the ONLY reason any of this is remotely possible.

Our goal with the Profundo Workshop is to become a non-profit. With this first project we will be donating all of the funds from the lodging and food to the Tashirat Orphanage. We are modestly paying our 4 teachers and 4 program staff. Surplus revenue raised will also be donated back to Tashirat. It’s a workshop that gives back :)

How much of the workshop cost is being donated to Tashirat?

How does payment work?

Click here to Register! An invoice will be emailed to you for $500. You can pay with credit card or PayPal. The workshop price is 3 payments of $500 each, for a total of $1500. Two more invoices will be sent for $500 60 & 30 days before the workshop. There are extra add-ons available, please see Pricing for more info.

Will there be other workshops like this?

YES- the dream/goal is to have the Profundo Workshop be a semi-annual photography education event. Each trip Profundo will be to a new location to work with a different international non-governmental organization. We’re still formulating ideas for the next workshop location so check back for more info about that. AND if you have ideas for non-profits that need kickass photographers to bring attention to their good works, please contact us!

YES!!- if you are from anywhere besides Mexico! Get started on that. For participants from the USA the passport application can be found HERE.

Do I need a passport?