Give back and gain new photography skills while documenting an international not-for-profit.


At Tashirat non-profit in Tepoztlán, Mexico!

with teachers:

Profundo educates photographers, provides free photography libraries to not-for-profits & donates any profits earned. We provide photos for organizations that are improving our world.

Photographers take master classes, shoot alongside renowned teachers, & do small group critique & edit sessions.

Profundo is an opportunity to give back, learn, & have a meaningful experience.



About Profundo

Profundo is a family-friendly workshop with space for non-workshop-attending spouses, partners, and kids.

BONUS: we offer a kid’s photography workshop for ages 10+.

But don’t worry- we still know how to party.

About Tashirat

Tashirat is a community where residents have adopted 30+ differently-abled orphans, creating a loving home & school for some of the most vulnerable children in Mexico.

Why Tashirat?

The Profundo Workshop’s founder, Maureen Cassidy was best friends with Marisa (one of the volunteer residents at Tashirat) growing up. Maureen has been to Tashirat to volunteer several times and was touched by the selfless service and important work they are doing for this world.

She could see an opportunity to weave together her love for photography, meaningful experience, helping others, adventure, & self-discovery all in one! Starting with Tashirat was an easy choice between her personal connection and that they have a retreat center which funds their work. It felt like a win-win for all!

The goal is to take images that capture the love and wonderful community that Tashirat volunteers have created for the children living there. The images we take for Tashirat will be used to help raise funds, exposure, correspondence with sponsors, and as family keepsakes for the kids.

Tashirat is doing amazing things for children


Has a GORGEOUS retreat center that funds their non-profit!

Steps for Profundo Success

  1. Learn about this excellent project (you’ve come to the right place)

  2. Sign-up and get very excited

  3. Come to Mexico, learn from our amazing teachers, and become an even more fabulous photographer (who knew that was possible!?)

  4. Give back to Tashirat, using your new and honed skills to take photos that the non-profit needs to grow their programs

  5. Make friends and have a profound time

  6. Head home inspired by meaningful experiences and full of brand-spanking new knowledge.

  7. Tell your Friends all about Profundo

  8. Sign up for Profundo’s next program

  9. Repeat Steps 1-8 in perpetuity

Check out the good work and history of Tashirat in the video below

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, What are you doing for others?
— Martin Luther King, Jr.